When Do I Need a Dental Surgeon?

We’ve all had the occasional toothache that pops up for a while and then goes away on its own. However, if neglected, run-of-the-mill toothaches can quickly become a significant problem for your oral health and cause serious pain. Thus, it’s important to know the signs of dental issues that may require a visit to a dental surgeon.

The words “dental surgeon” or “oral surgeon” can inspire fear and anxiety in some people—but don’t worry. Many of the common procedures performed by dental surgeons are relatively simple and won’t require the long recovery period many other types of surgery require.

 A Dental Surgeon

If you’re located in the El Paso, Texas area and are feeling significant tooth pain, contact us at Mesa Street Dental today to have an expert check it out. Our highly-trained staff are friendly, gentle, and professional, and will help you have a positive experience while getting the dental care you need to stay healthy and pain-free. We also offer same-day emergency dental care, so don’t wait to schedule an appointment if your dental needs are urgent.

In the meantime, read below to learn about the most common reasons individuals require the service of a dental surgeon.

Impacted Teeth

A tooth becomes impacted when there is not enough space in your mouth, and it cannot grow in all the way (or at all) without getting stuck. Impacted teeth cause pain by pressing against other teeth, and also cause sore gums and infections.

The most common culprit behind impaction is wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are often pulled before they begin to grow in if your dentist thinks it’s likely they’ll become a problem.

Damaged Teeth

Typical cases of tooth decay can be addressed by removing the decayed area and replacing it with a filling or crown. However, if the decay is excessive, your dentist or dental surgeon may pull it to prevent bacteria and infections from spreading to other teeth or your jaw.

Despite enamel being the hardest surface in the body, teeth can break. Broken teeth—perhaps caused by a sports injury or particularly hard snack—can be really painful. And if the fracture extends to the root of the tooth, it will most likely have to be extracted.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have extra irregular teeth or a significant crowding situation, you may need to have a tooth pulled in preparation for orthodontic intervention such as braces or Invisalign, to make room for the changes to take place. In these cases, your dental surgeon will be highly experienced in this procedure and can safely and efficiently perform the extraction before quickly stitching you up.

Dental implants also require a qualified and trained dental professional. A dentist or dental surgeon will imbed a titanium implant into your tooth socket. Once the gum heals, an artificial tooth can then be screwed onto the metal piece, and will both look and feel like a natural tooth.

Remember that your dentist is a trained professional, and to schedule an appointment whenever you’re experiencing persistent or severe tooth pain. If he or she spots any serious issues, they will be able to refer you to a dental surgeon for more intensive treatment.

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