Dental Whitening

Dental Whitening in El Paso, TX

See brighter results in less time with professional teeth whitening services.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Services

Over-the-counter dental whitening kits have varied results for patients, and not always the results they want. With the professional teeth whitening services, available from Mesa Street Dental, your teeth will receive a smooth and even whitening treatment that works almost instantly to brighten one tooth or your entire smile.

Why don’t DIY kits have the same results as cosmetic teeth whitening from Mesa Street Dental? Every patient is different and their teeth can become stained, dull, or discolored for a number of reasons. Our El Paso, TX dentist looks at these underlying factors to provide a treatment that’s best for each individual. He can also regulate the degree of the treatment based on how stained the teeth may be. Unlike DIY dental whitening, the professional whitening treatments we provide at our El Paso office whiten teeth beyond just the enamel alone for a longer lasting brightness.

Contact Dr. Harrell at our dental office near you in El Paso, TX for a free consultation appointment about professional dental whitening. We love helping patients feel more confident about their smile and look forward to serving you!

smiling woman after a professional dental whitening treatment

Professional Dental Whitening Options at Mesa Street Dental

Choose between two professional treatments for cosmetic teeth whitening depending on your needs and schedule. These convenient options for dental whitening both offer advanced dental technology to whiten teeth several shades brighter than any over-the-counter treatment. If you’re looking for teeth whitening options in El Paso, TX, contact Mesa Street Dental.


In-Office Teeth Whitening

Using a specialized solution and powerful UV light, our El Paso dentist is able to whiten patients’ teeth in less than an hour! The results are near immediate and get below the top enamel layer of a tooth to what’s called the dentin. This inner layer is where tooth staining stems from for many patients, making such a dental whitening treatment more effective at brightening the entire tooth.


Take-Home Dental Whitening Trays

Don’t have the time to come in for in-office dental whitening treatments? Take them home with you! Mesa Street Dental also offers El Paso patients take-home teeth whitening trays with a powerful solution that noticeably bleaches teeth from the very first use. Unlike over-the-counter whitening kits, these trays are specifically molded for your teeth to get the bleaching solution in between crevices and around the entire tooth for more flawless whitening results.

FAQs for Professional Teeth Whitening in El Paso, TX


Teeth become discolored or stained for many reasons, including what you eat or drink, if you smoke and just naturally over time. If you find your smile has become less than the brightness you want, contact Mesa Street Dental in El Paso, TX for a consultation about  our dental whitening services.

With good oral hygiene habits such as regular brushing and flossing, your bright smile can last for several years. While bleaching the teeth is an effective and long-lasting way to get whiter teeth, it is not a permanent solution. If you feel your teeth are becoming yellow or stained again over time, just contact your El Paso dentist for another round of professional teeth whitening.

It’s always a good idea to consult your dentist before any sort of dental procedure, especially if you’re thinking of using DIY kits for teeth whitening. The bleach used in professional and over-the-counter whitening does not work on existing dental work you may already have, such as veneers, implants, bonding etc. For this reason, and others such as sensitivity, or the condition of your teeth, a consultation with your El Paso dentist is recommended to make sure that you are an appropriate candidate for teeth whitening. 

Professional teeth whitening carried out in our El Paso dental office will be much more effective at brightening your teeth than an over-the-counter DIY kit. At Mesa Street Dental, we use a higher strength of bleaching agent coupled with a UV light to speed up the procedure. The average patient should see results of up to 2 shades whiter teeth but some patients can achieve even better results. To see how bright we can make your smile, schedule a consultation with your El Paso dentist for professional teeth whitening today!

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective cosmetic dental procedure which does not cause damage to the tooth. The enamel of your tooth is an extremely hard substance and it’s actually the dentin under the enamel that is often the cause of yellow-looking teeth. Using Mesa Street Dental’s effective method of concentrated solution and UV light, your whole tooth will be whitened in a way that does not harm it. You may experience some sensitivity after your teeth whitening procedure but this is only temporary. Your El Paso dentist recommends that you avoid overly hot or cold food and drink after your treatment to help with this issue. If you have any other questions about professional teeth whitening in El Paso, just give us a call.