We’re Not Just Treating Teeth — We’re Treating People

At Mesa Street Dental, we consider it an honor to care for our patients’ oral health — it’s a privilege we don’t take lightly. We strive to treat our patients the way we like to be treated: with kindness, care, and respect.

We seek to build lasting relationships with our patients

Dr. Harrell remembers how it felt as a young boy to have his dentist greet him by name every time he went in for an appointment. Being valued in this way left such a strong impression on Dr. Harrell that when it came time for him to choose what type of medicine he wanted to practice, he decided on dentistry. It’s his goal to create the same kind of welcoming environment in his dental practice that he was so fortunate to experience as a young patient. He believes that building lasting relationships with patients is key to helping them achieve and maintain excellent oral health.

We want our patients to feel at home

This commitment to patient care is shared by our entire team. Whether scheduling an appointment, being seen by our dentist or hygienists, or discussing treatment options, our patients receive individualized care tailored to their unique needs. When our patients are here, we want them to feel at home. We offer a wide variety of services so that patients can minimize or eliminate the number of additional appointments they have to schedule at outside offices. We want our patients to be able to come home to Mesa Street Dental for all their dental needs.

We know that when we treat people right, their oral health — and their overall health — flourishes. Not only that, but their smiles shine brightly as well.

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