Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in El Paso, TX

Replace missing teeth affordably with convenient tooth bridges.

What are Removable and Fixed Dental Bridges?

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, a dental bridge can fill the gap, maintaining your bite and the overall shape of your face. Dental bridges are replacement teeth (prosthetic or false teeth), held in place between two dental implants, crowns or your natural teeth. The teeth on either side of the bridge are known as abutment teeth.

Tooth bridges can either be fixed or removable. Fixed dental bridges are cemented firmly in place with composite bonding or permanent crowns, while removable dental bridges are attached using small metal fasteners on abutment teeth.

Both types of dental bridge are carefully crafted to resemble natural teeth. Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge means there will be no issues with speaking or eating, like there would be if the teeth were not replaced.

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Dental Bridges from a Dentist Office

Dental Bridges: An Ideal Solution for Replacing Teeth

Why would you need a fixed dental bridge? For starters, tooth bridges prevent other teeth from shifting after a tooth has been lost. Without some sort of replacement tooth in the empty gap, the entire structure of a patient’s mouth will start altering gradually, leading to complications with eating, speaking and possibly even your health.
In addition, tooth bridges are less expensive replacement teeth than dental implants, especially for individuals missing multiple teeth. Like implants, though, fixed dental bridges are a long-lasting solution that you don’t have to remove and replace regularly.

How is a Dental Bridge Made?

If you live in El Paso, TX or surrounding areas, you can rely on Mesa Street Dental to fit you with an excellent quality dental bridge. After preparing the abutment teeth if necessary, our El Paso dentist will take a mold of your teeth so that the dental bridge matches the shape and color of the rest of your smile. Each tooth bridge will then be constructed in a dental laboratory to ensure superior craftsmanship. You may have a temporary bridge fitted while the permanent one is being created. Once the permanent dental bridge has been crafted, your El Paso dentist will attach it by cementing it between the abutment teeth. The overall process will require at least two visits to the Mesa Street Dental office.

How to Care for your Dental Bridge

If you have a fixed dental bridge, you will need to care for it like any other part of your mouth. The best way to care for replacement teeth or dental bridges is by maintaining your oral health routines, so brush twice daily and take care to floss and clean around the bridge. Your El Paso dentist will be able to recommend the best tools for taking care of your dental bridge or tooth replacement. It’s also very important to look after the teeth on either side of the bridge as they are the ones providing support for it. Don’t forget to schedule regular 6 monthly check-ups so any issues can be spotted early. If you have any questions about your dental bridge, or want to know if the treatment is suitable for you, please get in touch with our El Paso office.

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