Dental Bridges

Tooth Bridges in El Paso, TX

Replace missing teeth affordably with convenient tooth bridges.

What are Removable and Fixed
Dental Bridges?

Like a dental crown, tooth bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. However, the missing tooth (or teeth) must be between two natural teeth or dental implants and crowns. These surrounding teeth are called abutment teeth and are used to hold in place the prosthetic teeth that make up the tooth bridge.

Tooth bridges can either be fixed or removable. Fixed dental bridges are cemented firmly in place with composite bonding or permanent crowns, while removable dental bridges are attached using small metal fasteners on abutment teeth.

Both types of tooth bridges are carefully crafted to resemble natural teeth. Dental bridges allow an individual to talk and eat like they would with the original tooth. In a sense, they bridge the empty space between existing teeth.

Get more information about tooth bridges from our dentist in El Paso, TX. Our compassionate staff want to help you smile, talk, and eat confidently again with help from fixed dental bridges. Contact us or come in for a same-day appointment at our El Paso dental office!

Dental Bridges from a Dentist Office

Tooth Bridges: An Ideal Solution for Replacing Teeth

Why would you need a fixed dental bridge? For starters, tooth bridges prevent other teeth from shifting after a tooth has been lost. Without some sort of replacement tooth in the empty gap, the entire structure of a patient’s mouth will start altering gradually, sometimes leading to other complications.

In addition, tooth bridges are less expensive replacement teeth than dental implants, especially for individuals missing multiple teeth. Like implants, though, they are a long-lasting solution that you don’t have to remove and replace regularly if you choose fixed dental bridges.

Each tooth bridge will be constructed in a dental laboratory to ensure superior craftsmanship. Our El Paso dentist will take a mold of your teeth so that the dental bridge matches the shape and color of the rest of your smile.

Maintain your oral health and complete your smile with affordable tooth bridges from Mesa Street Dental in El Paso, TX. We provide efficient service while making certain that you are satisfied with the end results. Schedule a consultation appointment to discuss dental bridges and additional treatments.

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