Removable and Permanent Dentures in El Paso, TX

Dentures of all kinds provide an affordable solution for replacing missing teeth.

Affordable Dentures and Implants

Missing teeth not only affect the appearance of your smile, they can also affect your general health. More missing teeth can make it difficult to eat nutritious foods that your body needs, which may result in health complications. The jaw structure of a patient with missing teeth will also be altered over time, leading to facial deformity.

However, dentures can be the solution for patients missing just a few teeth or an entire row of teeth. At Mesa Street Dental, we offer several different types of dentures including immediate, removable, and permanent dentures to best suit your needs. Schedule a free consultation with our El Paso, TX dentist to discuss what will be your best option.

A senior woman with dentures smiling

Types of Dentures Offered at Our El Paso Office

Not all dentures are created the same, although they do serve the same purpose of replacing teeth. Each type also uses advanced dental technology to create a plastic base resembling gums and a set of natural-looking prosthetic teeth.

For patients who have a tooth extraction scheduled, but would like not to go without teeth replacements after the procedure may opt for immediate dentures. The muscles, gums, and bone where teeth once were situated will shift and change. Immediate dentures offer our El Paso patients temporary replacement teeth during this period to begin adjusting to prosthetic teeth until permanent dentures have been created.
Permanent dentures will be more carefully fitted than immediate dentures. They rest on the gum line and, as “removable” suggests, can be taken out if needed, although they are considered permanent. Because they can be detached, removable dentures can sometimes move around without a firm attachment. However, when fitted well and sized properly, the suctioning that adheres removable dentures to the jawbone should keep them in place. Removable dentures are a quick and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth.

Permanent dentures may also be anchored more securely using dental implants. Not only do implants keep permanent dentures more steady when eating or speaking, they also prevent deterioration of the jawbone. We are proud to offer patients both affordable dentures and implants at our dental office in El Paso, TX to preserve facial structure and provide replacement teeth with greater functionality.

From these two types of dentures, stem the remaining subsets.

Partial dentures replace only a few missing teeth rather than a full row of missing teeth, which would be considered full dentures. Both kinds can be constructed for immediate and permanent use.
Upper dentures replace the top row of teeth and cover the roof of a patient’s mouth, otherwise known as the palate. Lower dentures replace the bottom row of teeth and contain no such cover in order for the tongue to move freely.

For more information regarding the types of immediate dentures and removable permanent and removable dentures available to you, meet with El Paso’s best general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Harrell at Mesa Street Dental. Let’s find the best replacement for your missing teeth to complete your smile!

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