Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleanings in El Paso, TX

Meet with our experienced dental staff, deep cleaning teeth for over 20 years.

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Deep Cleaning

Receiving professional dental cleanings twice every year is one of the best steps you can take to keep your teeth in their best condition. While brushing and flossing every day are also musts, teeth cleanings clear away stubborn plaque and bacteria that can threaten your dental health.

As part of your dental cleaning, you’ll also have X-rays taken and be given a dental exam. These are crucial measures to identify decay or other issues before receiving the personalized treatment you need.

If you’ve missed a few dental cleanings recently, schedule a dental deep cleaning with us. This is a more in-depth procedure to clean and brighten teeth with large amounts of plaque buildup. Left alone, plaque and bacteria residing on teeth will lead to tooth decay, inflamed gums, or more serious problems.

Affordable dental cleanings lead to dazzling smiles and happy patients

Preventive Dentistry for Healthy and Bright Smiles

Avoid painful and expensive oral health issues with dental cleanings every six months. They are an important component of preventive dentistry to fight conditions such as:

  • Cavities and tooth decay
  • Infected tooth roots
  • Gingivitis (inflamed gums)
  • Periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Premature tooth loss
  • Teeth staining or discoloration

It’s never too late to visit our El Paso dentist for a dental cleaning or deep cleaning to improve the health and appearance of your teeth. Schedule an appointment with our office today, or stop by for a same-day appointment!

Dental Exam Special Offer

$69 Exam and X-Rays.

For a limited time, come to Mesa Street Dental and receive a dental exam and x-rays for only $69 ($215 value). This offer won’t last forever! Make your dental health a priority and request an appointment today!

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