Dental Crowns

Dental Tooth Crowns in El Paso, TX

Dental crowns serve a number of purposes to complete your smile with a natural-looking prosthetic.

What are Dental Crowns?

A tooth crown is an all ceramic crown or cap that covers an existing tooth to preserve it after becoming damaged or weakened. Patients who have root canal treatments or extreme tooth decay, for example, may need a dental crown to protect the tooth’s remaining structure and to retain functionality.

Tooth crowns can also be placed over misshapen or discolored teeth as a cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve the appearance of a smile. Patients who require dental implants or tooth bridges may also need a tooth crown to cover the implants or secure a dental bridge in place.

  • Replace a missing tooth
  • Preserve a weakened, broken, or damaged tooth
  • Improve the appearance of a disproportionate or discolored tooth
Dentsply Sirona machine that creates dental crown

Whatever the case may be, dental crowns help prevent further tooth decay and provide a long-lasting solution that resembles natural teeth.

To achieve the best results, all ceramic crowns are shaped at a dental laboratory after being molded for your mouth at our office in El Paso, TX.

Before the permanent mold has been milled at the lab, our dentist will place a temporary crown over the affected tooth or implant. But once you come back for that permanent tooth crown, you’ll have a strong protection for your teeth so that they won’t need to be extracted.

Learn more about the advantages of tooth crowns at Mesa Street Dental in El Paso, TX. Meet with our cosmetic dentist for a free consultation appointment.

  • After a consultation, any necessary pre-treatment will be carried out.
  • The affected tooth will be shaped as needed for the best fit.
  • An impression of your tooth will be made and a custom dental crown designed.
  • A temporary crown will be fitted.
  • The dental crown will be made in a lab and will replace the temporary crown as a permanent covering.

Same-Day Crowns Now Available at
Our El Paso Office!

To make getting tooth crowns more convenient, Mesa Street Dental now offers same-day dental crowns right here in our local El Paso clinic. Same-day crown CEREC technology allows for patients to receive high-quality tooth crowns in just one visit. Rather than waiting for a permanent crown to be created in a dental lab, we can create the same carefully constructed crown in our office in under an hour.

Like traditional tooth crowns, same-day crowns can be crafted out of ceramic and color-matched for that particular patient’s smile. The custom crown will also be uniquely shaped to be proportionate to other surrounding teeth.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for an extra dentist’s visit, same-day crowns can give your smile the tooth replacement or restoration that it needs in half the time. We are proud to offer this advanced dental technology to our patients in El Paso, TX! Book an appointment for same-day dental crowns today.

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Dental Crowns FAQs

Thinking of getting a dental crown in El Paso, TX? Read on for the answers to your questions.

Dental crowns are the perfect dental or cosmetic treatment to perfect your smile. They provide a permanent, natural looking protective cover over damaged, missing or discolored teeth.

If you are short on time, same-day crowns offer the same benefits as traditional dental crowns, without the wait. If you would prefer the traditional route, a lab-created dental crown is the way to go. The choice is really up to you.

It depends where in the mouth your crown is placed. Back teeth undergo more pressure than front teeth, for example. With good oral health habits and care, some crowns can last a lifetime. On average, most dental crowns can last between 10 and 30 years.

You may hear the term “dental cap” but it is the same thing as a dental crown. It just refers to a covering over the top of a damaged tooth.

This depends on the type of crown needed, as well as any other treatment that might need to be carried out in advance of the crown placement such as root canals, bone grafts etc. Your El Paso dentist will advise on all necessary treatment options prior to starting dental crown work.

While both can be used to improve a tooth for cosmetic purposes, veneers are only applied to the front surface of the tooth. Dental crowns cover or replace the whole tooth and are also used to protect and restore damaged or decayed teeth.