Your Guide to Dental Emergencies

Have you ever chipped a tooth? Maybe you’ve experienced a sudden and persistent toothache or had one of your pearly whites knocked clean out.

If you’ve been in any of these situations, you’ve experienced a dental emergency. Every year, people visit the emergency room for dental problems that could have been fixed by their dentist. You can save yourself money, time, and a trip to the ER by going to your dentist first.

Keep reading to find out more about emergency dental service and what you can do to protect your smile in an emergency situation.
Man in pain with hand on cheek.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Emergency dental care is required when you experience a sudden trauma or pain that needs immediate attention.

Here are some symptoms that indicate a dental emergency:
Use your pain level as a guide. If you are in extreme pain, treat the situation as an emergency. Remember that if you are in shock after a facial trauma or after suffering from severe blood loss, you might experience lower levels of pain, even for extreme injuries.

When in doubt, contact your dentist. They can tell you how serious your problem is and suggest the best course of action for you.

Common Dental Emergencies

One of the most common reasons that people seek emergency dental care is a chipped or missing tooth. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from sports injuries to food-related mishaps.

In El Paso, skateparks and bike trails are common areas where people have accidents that lead to broken teeth. To avoid this kind of dental trauma, always wear protective gear when recreating.

Gum inflammation and cavities are common problems that are usually easy to treat. But when ignored and left untreated, they can lead to extreme pain and severe health risks. It’s best to address these problems as soon as you notice them. If the pain is constant and distracting, seek out emergency services.

Another common complaint that emergency dental service patients have is pain related to a previous dental procedure. A loose or missing filling or crown can send you to the dentist, as can painful dentures. To avoid these issues, always follow the care instructions that your dentist provides for any dental appliances that you have.

Emergency Dentist Near Me

Emergency Dentist Near Me If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, El Paso has the clinic for you. For emergency dentist services in your area, check out Mesa Street Dental. Our emergency care includes services for chipped teeth, toothaches, broken teeth, cavities, gum pain, and more.