How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Dental implant surgery is a transformative procedure for many patients. Implants restore your smile in a natural-feeling way. The popularity of dental implants in recent years speaks for itself.

But how long do dental implants last? This is important to consider before committing to an intense and expensive procedure like dental implant surgery.

Permanent Implants

Unlike dentures, implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Once a dental implant is installed, you can’t take it off or pop it out for the night.

Of course, you probably won’t want to. Implants look and feel natural and help you regain a sense of normalcy when chewing, speaking, or just going about your daily life.

When properly taken care of, dental implants can last a lifetime. The crown on your implant may need to be replaced after five to fifteen years, but the post will last you for life.

For people who are struggling with tooth loss or uncomfortable dentures, this is great news. Dental implants are a way to permanently improve your smile. They’re a great investment in your oral health.

Maintaining Your Implants

At Mesa Street Dental, we have many patients ask us, “How long do dental implants last?” Implants last a long time, but exactly how long they last is up to you!

Your oral hygiene greatly impacts the longevity of your implants. You should treat your implant just as you would treat a natural tooth. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and watch out for any gum recession near your implant. Receding gums could be a sign of a larger problem.

To keep the crown on your implant looking good, make sure not to chew or bite anything hard or non-edible. Think of it this way: if it could chip your tooth, it could damage your crown!

If you struggle with grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw, talk to your dentist about preventative measures that you can take to protect your implant and your natural teeth.

Signs That Your Implant Needs Attention

If you experience pain or sensitivity near your implant, talk to your dentist. It could be a sign of infection.

Also watch for swelling, changes in your gums around your implant, and decay in the teeth surrounding your implant.

You should also contact your dentist if you notice that your implant feels loose.

Again, think of your implant like a natural tooth. Any warning sign that would warrant a checkup on a natural tooth is also worth looking into for your implant.

Transform Your Smile With Permanent Implants

Are you ready to experience the comfort and attractive appearance of dental implants? Committing to implants is a big decision, but it’s one that will benefit you for your whole life.

How long do dental implants last? Treat them well and they’ll be with you for the rest of your life. While your crown may need to be replaced at some point, your implant is here to stay.

To find out more about implants at Mesa Street Dental, give us a call. We’re here to answer all your questions!