Dental Implants!($3,000 Value)
Limited to single tooth examination and surgical treatment.

Dental implants consist of a small, titanium screw that’s surgically inserted into the jaw bone to anchor replacement teeth. Once the implant is tightly inserted, it is followed by a crown, dental bridge or dentures. Overtime, the implant and the jaw bone fuse together to form a strong bond that keeps the artificial tooth/teeth firmly in place.

Affordable Dental Implants

Dental implants have long reigned supreme as the most preferable treatment for lost teeth due to age or accident.

Unlike other dated options for tooth replacement, dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth that feels and looks natural. While removable dentures can be uncomfortable, require continuous adhesive, and make it difficult to eat, dental implants replace the original tooth and root so you feel the comfort, reliability, and appearance of beautiful, natural teeth.
elderly couple smiling about affordable dental implants

An Unbeatable Cosmetic Dentistry Price

Right now, Mesa St. Dental is offering dental implant placement surgery for only $1,700!

Normally valued at a starting price of $3,000, our experienced and skilled dentist is wishing you happy holidays with this limited time offer. Dr. Sean Harrell, DDS, is one of El Paso TX’s premier dentists capable of performing dental implants to your complete satisfaction. We want to give the gift of healthy, beautiful, and affordable smiles to all with oral surgery and non-surgical cosmetic dentistry. Our primary goal is to help you love your smile!

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